On this web site you will find the web application to import, edit, and save your favicons as well a tons of information on favicon.

How to use the Favicon Editor

Using the Favicon Editor is pretty easy, there is actually two way of doing a favicon with it:

  1. You can import an image from Photoshop or the image manipulation software of your choice. For better results, make sure your image is 16 pixels by 16 pixels. The Favicon Editor supports the following image formats: jpeg, gif or png. Once you imported your image you can edit it and / or simply save it as a .ico file by pressing the Save to .ico button
  2. You can also start from scratch and simply create your favicon in the Favicon Editor and export ist to a .ico file by pressing the save to .ico button.

Once your are done creating your favicon just upload it at the root level of your domain.